About sharing [libere participem]

About fighting secrets
           [sister Tyranny]..We Share, us we peace hopefully compassion

army of jingle, church and steeple, have not people, that believe compassionate lingo. #Salvation denied, death proscribed, evidently evil, that church, those people.

"even everyday people, all spinning in their own infinite crises, austerity's children, media conditioned, housed, boxes upon boxes, fed altered truth". [I believe it runs, in cycles]

Twitter speak..

PierreJParent (PJParent)
@jdezerai The secrecy law is limiting freedom of speech and freedom of press for starters.→

[My Reply] is. That. I. Will not Comply] #truth #respect #World #compassion that is the real meaning of #Thanksgiving .bet
jdezerai (Mickel Sherrill)
@jdezerai The secrecy are limiting freedom of speech and freedom of press for starters. #Gulag #Fukushima #Palestine #World

My name is Mickel
It's 密 懸 留 ("mi' ke ru" - "secrecy suspend detain")
"Mickel " is ミッケル ("mikkeru").
"Michael "  Is マイケル ("maikeru").
埋 華 流

To You and [about Gaza]
              [mystic speak] what sand, made that man, was it land, Abraham, or of sea, never free…
       [to Gaza] #UptheRebels

the new face of the place, pleasure was never better, fear was a go getter. we became homebody tourists, homepage homeboys, and girls. liking, licking linking. fatally fractal, keywords, #lists. #Fukushima Oceania, Fukushima #Oceania. I can't remember why,[ My now shuffled, aside by your beautiful avatar. your intention.]
What planet, this planet. what planet, this place, places me here.
@namastePoisonedPeacock@jdezerai (Mickel Sherrill)
ASK #Fukushima ask #Palestine #Gaza #Silenced #poisoned ASK #onepercent #CAPITALISTIC ASK #TARSANDS #Canada #POTUS#Israel#Iran#BrotherProxy#World→ libere participem #Hope



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I was a drone[translation even more babelocity™]

(pre-droned thought) about Potus

one person allowing his humanity to rise to the occasion....and doing the right thing.... and telling all.... Americans and the World... questioning...inspiring...leading...and above all hoping...the sleepers will awake to take charge of their future....

(from a thoughtful moment of mine to all....

That any Godlike being could enlighten the lot of us..and that we all could subscribe to a common good that has no material penalty or evidence of condemnation...remains unanswered...it seems we touch all around it with our greatest words and attempt to conquer it with deeds that remain unclear..the most normal behavior is a simple one that has become somewhat taboo..to acknowledge one another and share the common respect of space and being and guardianship of our world and future...and this future seems bleak when we know we cannot save all those from the greed and corrupt ideas of those who we empower...)

Posted by jdezerai | March 19, 2008 6:10 AM



.dimensions of now [Or Nine hundred and ninety nine instead instead of nine]

I try to be simple in writing, as My origins remain suspect, but contempt is direction.
Earlier on..
.go Ye then, to decline, nevermind, nothing. nirvana, blest, upended quest. qualified, rectified, lover of life, listless strife, mysterious conception, translation.
          In dreams I attempted to experience, express alarm concerning world and humanity, so.

and to wealth of spirit, of commitment, I commend what honor befits us, all common, engaged, equally, and hurry, necessity. change, compassion, what truth, respect, union. we speak of society as derived from an equation, but like an ocean, in waves of neglect, earth, humanity expresses the values, of it's content. where wealthy powerful claimants pretend their activity null, [due] influence void, in this instant, this now, concrete and prior societal evolutions, present the stage, for invested concern, by [all], and including what masters remain. they cannot claim ownership to what never belonged to, the breath, cradle to generations unborn, unbounded, and in this greater sense of connection, the voices of a few, have met, their master, that door, of archaic, customs, beliefs whose values has no place, but as truths lesson , beliefs not possible, if all remain equal, sustained. 

so what we value most, becomes our expression, our reality. knowingly or otherwise.

   I was going to write, about how we, mostly, as a organized society, are moving away from that tradition, but trapped by the Vendors, pervasive, yet, in their sense of society.
        we have come to that very age of instant, and now. and together, we can grow, this effect, into so much more, once we accept that our values must change.

In this era, values of things, ideas, can be unique, shared enough, to where they become alive, instant, now. hence any war, or perceived action, against, what we consider, contention. even more, created economic perceptions, adjustments, planned by secretive meetings, exposed, their champions, met by mob, kept alive by ideas cherished, valuable beyond what political barriers devise.

         what one values as production, in the sense of the capitalistic, is actually a yoke of slavery, that modifies, the outcome, based on belief, of obtaining the greatest good, for whom? results are in, the western model, fails at providing, any remarkable other, than Wars[or effects] over limited resources, owned by all unique inhabitants of this planet.
     in this age [religion] fails, but remains, as an anchor to words, worlds granted, kingdoms to men, whereas feminism, stratification, carry traditional burdens.

                perhaps people are real, democracy is an idea, corporations are not owning, anything of value, that people give value to. the earth, belongs to all, not government, or corporate, unless, people, knowingly value that perception. and in this era, government and corporate, have really shown what they value. division, neglect, corruption, destruction, of what people value, life.

we award prizes for intent, meant to pacify contempt, allusions of direction, lately even perceived expression of political will, understanding.
    about [Malala]
perhaps the intended value of what she considers as socialistic, is confined by her, education, cultural environment. War? Drones, sticks, stones?
          we despise our own hypocrisy, found in others.
                        all duly note, even in nature, that true socialism is compassion, is yielding, a very ancient truth, trapped in oppression.
    modern society and it's pretended socialist thought, perhaps given stigma, effecting transfer into a capitalist reality.

perhaps the sense of democracy, doesn't mean Democratic in this age of Corporate citizenry.. value perhaps at personal level ★ Democratic if shared.

[oh and add love always]



Fathers Fate [even more Babelocity™]

I came out of the country,
     the woods,
harmonious Nature betrayed,
        given by what gods pretend. The Oceanic rising,
       asunder, it's cradle,
no sanctuary, for what life began.
       Insisting I,
       recompense my insatiable thrust.
       Given trust,
                  truths lust,
                              imitate balance,
                  predicate light,
        life's illicit
                        enemy, we.



so.. by spring the [plume] of death's veil, rivers boil, life exhales, humanity, lingers. ‪#‎Fukushima‬


About the now About Face.. [more babelocity™]

About Gaza and the rest of the police state abominations elsewhere [here in Your now]

people, and police states, greed, don't mix well. always a bad guy somewhere. we need to just breathe, a breath of nothing, relief? the world and all..
      whatever imagination, hope breath, gets stifled, with the image of fear, and oppression, division, hovering about, above, around. conversation dimmed, dimensions excluded. creation suppressed.
      is it because we know and might become, something different, though we all dream somewhat familiar ideas,

It's always now.

By writing, thinking, these words, You are responsible for creating inspiration. we are responding.. [big smile] and thanks to you all.

What noise a % [percentage] makes in a vacuum is unclear.
     But, perhaps,
               we are: cultured, trained, accepted, accept things too easily.

1000 years ago[or so], literacy, shared truths, classes, color, industries, we all bear this cross? of our creation, our imagination, into this age of instant, now.
                     many communities, communications. smoke and mirrors, might and duty, power and perceptions, honor and advisement. hungered all. and there's always someone, something somewhere amiss, changing. [virtual cascading nows] collisions?

              into the light, darkness fails. so we shine,
              pray, hope, dream, live.